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December 4th, 2012

Guidelines for planning your kitchen.

Creating a great designed kitchen with function and style comes down to a few simple guidelines. One of the most important elements in a functioning kitchen is being able to accommodate your utensils, electrical goods and containers. This process must be thought about at the beginning of designing your new kitchen. Your dream kitchen should also be practical and welcoming to children doing their homework, visitors dropping in for coffee and the home business computer. Our designers are fantastic at creating a streamline, stylish functioning kitchen.

Cups, saucers, plates, utensils and appliances should all be easily accessed when you want them. No longer will you be hunting for crockery in the back of corner cupboards. We have a wonderful new Blum corner drawer system that makes life very easy. It eliminates bending down and cleaning in unattainable areas. The Blum corner drawer system pulls out for full access of corner. Once you see this system you will absolutely put it on the must have list. Choosing full extension drawers that pull all the way out from the cabinets are the best way to utilise space. We can offer you practical organiser dividing systems which allow maximum visibility as well as full use of space.

Work areas must be planned from the start of design. They are as individual as you are. We will do our best to give you the maximum work space, so cooking, dishing up dinners and entertaining will be a pleasure. We also take into consideration the cleaning of a kitchen. Dishwashers and sinks are placed in the most appropriate areas for easy access and quick clean-ups. Research shows we only have a few new kitchens in a life time, so it pays to get it right. Before designing your layout you will need to consider your lifestyle, cooking frequency and the number of people in your family using the kitchen. Our designers will organise the optimal workflow and storage for all your needs.

Food storage is an important consideration when planning a kitchen. Many people nowadays buy in bulk to save time and money. Storage must be accessible and every corner usable. We can offer you a pantry system that does just that, the drawers are called Inner Pull-Outs. We have our own factory so we can custom make your drawers in the size that suits your needs. An alternative to pull-outs is the wire pantry. There are quite a few different designs and trends and many basket sizes and styles. This is a very popular choice when choosing a pantry for small kitchen spaces. It will give you maximum storage. Another great product we can offer you is a Plate Holder. It is a wonderful alternative to storing plates on shelves. They can be safely stored and then moved in bulk whenever needed. They are also adjustable to suit your dinnerware.

The Sink Drawer is a convenient way to store your cleaning products. Everything you need for general cleaning or dishwashing can be stored in this pull-out under your sink. If you have a lot of cleaning products, we can offer you a second drawer underneath this one, which can include an organising system for sponges, kitchen towels, garbage bags and other related products.

The most popular drawer is our Pot Drawer. With a set of these drawers you will no longer be searching for lids to fit saucepans, pots and frypans as there is a special space for each lid. The cross divider at the back of this drawer keeps all lids organised.

Overhead cupboards can be hard to reach, and often it is difficult to see what is inside them. A solution to this problem is to use a lift system like Aventos. The Aventos opening system allows overhead cabinet doors to be opened upwards, providing an excellent view of all the contents in the cupboard. The core of the system is the lift mechanism – Blum’s Blumotion technology. They can be opened easily and silently. Blumotion technology ensures the closing motion is braked so it closes effortlessly. We can also add to this mechanism Servo-Drive which allows you to open and close the overhead cupboard with a touch of a button.

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